Vermont API Company
This is the reason for being in Vermont. Fresh barely tracked snow at Pico Mountain, March 2018

Vermont API Company


Data Modeling

Half the battle is making sure you understand the problems you face. Data modeling helps to break concepts down into ways that all parties involved can have an informed discussion about features and functionality.

API Development

So you have a website set up, but you need to integrate third party services? You could benefit from a custom API designed to provide customers or business partners better ways to tie into your systems.

API Integration

Sometimes instead of building new software, old systems need to be modified to accommodate with changing laws or landscapes. We can help you figure out how to integrate third party API services like Stripe, Twilio or Lob so you can add new features to your existing site or application.

Strategy & Education

It takes intelligence to recognize the difference in when to jump in head first versus standing back and thinking about how to proceed. We can help you navigate treacherous technical decisions so you can focus on the real goal: running your business.


The Vermont API Company was founded in 2018 by Mat Gilbert. After a few years living in New Jersey and Working in NYC, Mat decided to move to Vermont in the hopes of skiing more and enjoying a better quality of life.

The mission of the Vermont API Company is to serve small to medium sized businesses who require web solutions from simple sites to complex APIs and services. Contact us today to see how we can help you solve the challenges facing your organization.


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